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trying not to be sour....

So, I applied to sell stuff over on Lollishops. I was rejected (*sighs), but I feel I must say something about their process...

So it is juried and to sell there you must first apply. So, I applied. They want you to send them pictures of your wares, but never say how (the sidebar with that request says 'click here' to send them stuff and it is completely unclickable. nice.). So, to cover myself, I included links to all of my various sites (Etsy, LJ, Blogger) where I have my wares showcased. I also included the link to the actual Ginger Lily Designs website, even though to purchase or see anything it directs you to Etsy. I submitted the app and received an email from Lollishops at 1:37 PM that my application had been received. Having dealt with some other sites where you need to apply, I figured a turnaround time of within 24 hours. I spent the next 15 minutes making sure that the jewelry listings on the blog (on Blogger, since I listed it twice- as a website and as my blog), were neat and readable and pretty and had good pics.

At 1:52 PM I received another email from Lollishops, saying that they had not accepted my application because 'we do not believe they are what we are looking for in terms of style, or, your particular corner of expertise has already been filled. We are striving to meet that niche market and appeal to a specific audience-in terms of advertising & marketing/packaging.'

So, I just spent the better part of an hour researching your site, looking at other wares offered in your categories, filling out an app, and playing spiff up the site for you to give me a form letter in less than 15 minutes? With that quick of a turnaround I have to seriously wonder if more than one link (if any) was looked at and how much consideration was given. I'm trying not to be a sore loser, but, I would think a decision would take more than 15 minutes, especially given the time involved to get the email notification, read the app, review ALL the sites listed, and respond. But, maybe the CEO (whome the email is supposedly from) has no other business and watches over her email like a hawk and responds immediately to everyone and every app that comes in.

I feel a little cheated.



In the last week I've actually sold two items out of my Etsy shop! yay! Finally!

I'm always afraid I'll be accused of copying someone else's designs. I've refrained from posting a new piece to Etsy because while traipsing through the listings last month I found someone else's listing with a necklace that looks exactly like mine. I'd never seen it before, and now I'm slightly terrified of putting it up and having someone come out and accuse me of stealing their designs, when in truth, I'm not. Sometimes, people just get the same ideas. Then there are the cases when someone else is copying someone else's designs and passing them off as their own within a matter of days of someone else posting them.

That said, I am not at all pleased with Etsy right now, having just found out about what has happened to hannahsarah and her shop. It's very upsetting and sad to see Etsy take the side of the agressor (EDM Designs) in this case. Worse yet when EDM Designs has the audacity to put a personal shoutout to Etsy thanking them for closing the shops of rivkasmom- whome they were copying. Disgraceful, to say the least. *shakes head*

But, yes, I finally sold something and will be posting new pieces in the next week or so in time for holiday gifting! I feel happy about that.


A very pretty celtic knot in sterling silver with a little added sparkle- a Swarovski Crystal AB heart! Pendant hangs from a 17.5" sterling silver chain.

All items are shipped via USPS Priority Mail and packed in a bubble mailer for safe arrival.

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Ginger Lily Designs on Etsy


16.5" brass necklace with smaller chain swags, olive green glass pearls, and two small cameos. Very elegant and lovely, perfect for that afternoon tea or evening out.

View other items at:
Ginger Lily Designs on Etsy

there's a chill in the air...

And I think this might just help alleviate it!


-3mm Glass Pearls (white)
-4mm Glass Pearls (white)
-6mm Glass pearls (white)
-8mm Glass Pearls (white)
-3mm Glass Pearls (champagne)
-4mm Glass Pearls (champagne)
-6mm Glass pearls (champagne)
-8mm Glass Pearls (champagne)
-6mm Crystal AB Round Faceted Glass Beads
-6mm Light Amethyst Cube/Diamond Faceted Glass Beads
-2 Dragonfly Pendants (Enchanted Planet... yet another Blue Moon line)
-Black Carved Cinnabar Pentagon Beads

I have designs on the pearls and glass, but I have no idea what I'm doing with the cinnabar, but I think I want something steamy out of them.

Oh, and unrelated to jewelry, a pattern to make my apron/pinafore for my Alice costume for Halloween. ^^

Torrid Top Hat

I bought one of these last night at Torrid-

Funny, I never liked mini top hats when I saw them online, but I absolutely loved and refused to take off that one when I found it last night.


it went well... for the short time I actually got to attend.

We initially went Thursday night to meet a friend (who's staff) for dinner. A good handful of people in costume were there. Didn;t stay long as we had to get home so Dave could work, and I could sew buttons.

Return on Friday night to insanity. I was tired and had had a drink by the time we left, so I had the attention span of an ADD kitten. So many things to look at! Home around midnight, sleep.

Didn't return again til Sunday, as Saturday was spent in another city visiting relatives. Sunday Dave (gaslightstudios) had his seminar at 10 am, which meant we were there at 9, which meant we were up at 7 to get everything done. This was after going to bed sometime between 1 and 2. The seminar went well, had a pretty large turnout, and Dave made it through with only a few hitches from my laptop. Meandered through the dealer room afterwards, paid for next year (pre-reg system needs work), and left. Next year will be better planned out.

So, there you go, our brief exposure at NDK.


Nan Desu Kan

Whee! It's the weekend where everything is going on! Dave (of gaslightstudios) and I will be in attendence Friday and Saturday nights and all day on Sunday. I'm not sure if I'm going to eb able to bring any of my baubles to the event, but I will have me and cards. Dave will be presenting a seminar on making video games on Sunday from 10 am to 12 pm. Tonight I have to finish sewing buttons on his trench coat to give him a very makeshift steamy costume. I have no idea what I'm wearing and might just resort to jeans, a blouse, and my cute little cat ears. Whatever works!

So, we'll see you there, and if I can find a friend to host some of my stuff, I'll let you know!

Crystal Filigree

This beautiful necklace features a silver filigree centerpiece accented with crystals and hung with a single Swarovksi Crystal AB teardrop. Stunning and light catching, this piece is perfect for a party, evening out, or any other fine occasion. Silver plated necklace is 17.5" in length and features an adjuster to extend it to 19.5".

All items are shipped via USPS Priority Mail and packed in a bubble mailer for safe arrival.

Available at:
Ginger Lily Designs on Etsy